21 May 2009

grid calculator

I just had my mind blown away. I've heard rumors lately about a grid calculator, a software program that works in tandem with InDesign that saves hours and hours of time (okay, a little exaggeration) at the beginning of a project, during the crucial setting-up-the-grids stage.

This is the part that always takes me longer than I know it should. Partly because at the very beginning of a new project, I'm still warming up to it and I don't know exactly what I want the layout to look like, column- and row-wise. But also because, apparently, I've been doing it all wrong.

I guess, to be fair, "wrong" isn't exactly the right word, since if you end up with a document in which the lines all adhere to the baseline grid, and it somehow works with the leading and all four margins, you must have set it up right – but still, the way I have previously gone about this set-up has almost nothing in common with the way the guy in the demonstration video does it! (Grid calculator or not!)

Let's just say I've found yet another toy that I Simply Must Have. And here's to the hope that I, too, will one day be able to start my new projects just like this. (It's so beautiful!)

Side note: the video is a bit small here, so I'd recommend going to their site to see it normal size: designers bookshop.

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